Monday, April 17, 2006

Rabbit Lizard Day

Rabbit Lizard Day was yesterday. My parents invited me over and we had peach pie. It was quite delicious. We had vanilla ice cream with it and whipped cream (naturally I make a mountain of cream on my plate).
I miss banana cream pie though. I haven't had it literally in years. I need to treat myself next time I'm at Cocos or something.

So what's with the gay post last time? Pretty gay if I do say so myself...Maybe I was voicing my opinion a little. But oh well.

Speaking of pie, anyone heard the musical Sweeney Todd? Not only does pie play an important role in the plot (people are baked into pies) but it's a great musical. In case noone knew, Jumbo...the Guard of the End of the Universe loves musicals. Needless to say I'm sure he likes this one.

Anyways, onto some personal notes...I miss hanging out with some of my old friends. Haven't seen Eugene, Roger, or Sean in a while. Come to think of it, I haven't hung out with Sam or Carolina in a long time either. But that's mostly 'cause none of us go and call eachother.

Good news is I'll probably see most of them this summer, as David wants to shoot a new movie (Beowulf). I found it odd that he wanted to since he's never wanted to for years except back when we did the videos for Mythology class. Maybe he's just gotten to a point in life where he's stable enough to start dreaming again.

Either way I'm excited. The movies I try and make are so hard. I can't get people interested in them...the motivation lacks and they never get made. David's enthusiasm will make the movie live eventually. We have all summer to work on it too. All we'll be doing is working long hours, so we'll need a project to keep our minds fresh and from going insane.

Yes...if you want to be in the movie let us know. We're not turning anyone away.


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