Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pieism's Serious-ity

So more and more I'm convinced that mankind is not ready to comprehend our wonderful pastry-god.
While people seem interested, they are lost in a world of giant billboards advertising tampons and cannot see past the tampon advertisements on the radio.
It came to my attention an article on about pieism was removed because it was a "stupid joke religion."
Since is a multi-user group there is no one person we can blame.
We can however blame everyone.

Recently I was trying to bring up pieism in a forum debating religion and while a few people agreed pie was tasty, there was a couple of people who were against it. One said, "Until Pieism is embrased by serious scholars, I don't think that it qualifies as a real topic for debate." Obviously this person's opinion doesn't matter because he can't spell embrased and he smells, but there was someone of Christian faith who said the following:

"Jesus is the way the truth and the life.
I think that even if something comes close to Christianity, its merely a copy cat that is trying to add worldly views to God's way.
So i say that biblical christianity is the only way.

Pieism is some cult that has a wacked view point in life
"embrace the pie????"
"seek your inner fillings"

my word!!!!! If this is all that makes sense, you must really like pie...
seriously,can you explain how it is the only thing that makes sense?I can't see a thread beyond the best feel good philosophies of this world.

I will pray for you
God bless"

It makes the God of Tears weep, but it is a reality we must face. Not everyone is for Pieism. Well, I respect everyone's opinion. Whose to say what I believe is true? Maybe there is no God. Or maybe there is...and he is a giant pie and he slew a hundred zillion clowns with his pie server of justice. (The STALM Campbell 6:18)
You have to admit...isn't that a lot more entertaining then and old guy building a giant boat filled with every animal on earth?
Here, I'll tell you the story...
One day the Pie God whipped out his glorious pie server of justice and severed the heads of a hundred zillion clowns in one swipe. The End.

I think we can all agree that sounds a lot cooler then, "Lets get on a boat with animals. Oh no it smells really bad I forgot to install plumming and that animals shit on the ground everywhere and now my boat smells like every pile of shit in the animal kingdom, aaaah."

Anyway, the point is people aren't taking Pieism seriously.
I am thus promoting a new movement to spread awareness of pie.

For every Pieist you recruit, you'll earn 50 wonder points. Reach 1,000 points and you'll become level X and thus you'll be granted all the superpowers of the universe.

There, now go. You have your heading and incentive. Spread the word of pie. Go. Now. Do it. Don't make me hit you.

On another note, I just discovered that this website I spoke about in the last entry:
has a prophet called Fred Fred Burger.
I just saw an episode of Billy and Mandy that had a character by the same name. So nice try "The church of Pie," but making made up names like Bim Bam Booey and Dick Chenney aren't going to grant you level X.